Exclusively on MyDogDNA: Marker-based gene test for adult onset deafness (AOD) in Border Collies

New marker-based gene test for Border Collies available only in MyDogDNATMand Optimal SelectionTM (U.S. and Canada) dog dna test panels!

Adult onset deafness (AOD) in a nutshell:

  • Adult onset deafness (AOD) is an autosomal recessive hearing disease that is relatively common in Border Collies.
  • The gradual hearing loss is observed usually at the age of 5 to 7 years affecting both ears.
  • The genomic region and related genetic risk variants associated with the disease have been identified, and this has enabled the development of a linked marker-based gene test.
  • The developed marker-based test includes four variants. However, ther actual causative gene and mutation remain elusive, which is addressed actively in the ongoing study in the University of Helsinki.
  • A dog homozygous for the risk variants has significantly increased risk for developing a hearing problem at an adult age. However, please note that not every dog that is homozygous for the risk variants will lose its hearing and ongoing reseach is investigating this to understand the level of penetrance in more detail.
  • Dogs homozygous for the risk variants are encouraged to participate in a hearing test for confirmation.
  • The carrier rate of the risk variant is up to 35% in the Border Collie population.
  • Since not every dog that is homozygous for the risk variants become deaf, the inheritance mode may be autosomal recessive with reduced/incomplete penetrance.