Side effects of living by a lake

Finland is known as the land of 60 000 lakes, and living right at the water’s edge is not that uncommon here. As the lagotto romagnolo breed is originally a water dog (lago in Italian means lake), my dogs really enjoy our home lake. However, there are some side effects…

Novel Neurodegenerative Disease and Gene Identified with the Help of Man’s Best Friend - Test Available Soon within MyDogDNA Testing Services

Press release by canine genetics research group led by Professor Hannes Lohi at the University of Helsinki and the Folkhälsan Research Center.

Panel Testing of Canine Inherited Disorders Provides Great Opportunities, But Requires a New Level of Information Management

The number of canine genetic tests available to breeders and veterinarians has increased radically over the past 10 years in the wake of new discoveries made by research groups. Following this development, several DNA testing laboratories have restructured their services to move from one-by-one single gene tests to offering multiple disorder or trait tests at once. Such services are typically offered as “combination packages”, “multiplex or panel tests”, or a “smorgasbord” where the consumer picks the desired gene tests.

A furry tail version of Winter’s Tale

The thought of Nordic winters often makes people yearn for that magically white, glistening fairytale scenery from Christmas cards. But that is not nearly the whole story. With dogs in the household it can get rather muddy & messy.

New year, same old unpredictable life

Apart from the weather being very whimsical this winter, my dogs keep coming up with all kinds of new follies as the season drags on. Unpredictability is the word that best describes our life for the last month.

Novice breeders thoughts about DNA tests.

I breed Coton de Tulear dogs under the kennel name “Lighthouse Friend’s”. I got interested in DNA testing and in monitoring the test results in 2010 when my Breed Club organized health testing at our annual autumn event. Then, among other things, it was possible to test the dogs for a canine retinal disease (Canine Multifocal Retinopathy type 2 – CMR2), identified in the Coton de Tulear breed.

About patience, truffles and working styles

I was never a very patient person. That is why I love my dogs. They have taught me more about patience than I ever thought possible. And I enjoy every unpredictable day with them.

People make plans, dogs don’t

I am still waiting for the first signs of my lagotto bitch Rita’s heat. According to my calculations she should start any day now. The sire recommended for her by MyDogDNA Breeder database lives abroad, so at any given moment I shall be busy booking progesterone tests, flight tickets, hotels... But so far all I can do is wait.

Danish Swedish Farmdogs aiming at getting more comprehensive DNA information

The Danish Swedish Farmdog represents the valuable cultural heritage of Denmark and Sweden. Dogs of this breed have lived on the farms of Denmark and Southern Sweden probably already in the 18th or 19th century. The Farmdog performed a number of different tasks on the farms. It has kept the farm clean of rats and other rodents, driven foxes out of the henhouses, informed as a watch dog about those who come and go– there are even stories about Farmdogs that walked children to school and back home at the end of the school day.

Puppy Plans

All breeders have gone through this once: the first litter! But maybe it feels even more exciting to me, since my “dog life” is altogether very recent history.

One is never too old to learn

I used to be very allergic to dogs and never dreamed of owning one until we moved away from the city and our first rescue beagle Steffi moved in. This was sixteen years ago and I had just celebrated my 50th birthday.

MyDogDNA Summer Photo Contest

As the fall has arrived, it is nice to go back to summery feelings. Here is the winner of the MyDogDNA Summer Photo Contest as well as a set of most liked photos. The winning photo was sent by Debby Stainforth from Croatia.

Exploring a breed via MyDogDNA: Lagotto Romagnolo

The world’s most complex and comprehensive genetic test for dogs, MyDogDNA, has been available to all dog owners for about a year. During this time, Lagottos have been tested to the extent that it is possible to get an overview of the genetic variation in the breed. The Lagotto enthusiasts have also gratifyingly adopted the MyDogDNA Breeder –tool that is based on the test results in the MyDogDNA database in order to treasure the breed’s genetic diversity.

Uncovering the true breed distribution of mutations causing inherited disorders - Novel research findings for American Foxhound, Japanese Spitz, Miniature Schnauzer, Norrbottenspitz, and Sealyham Terrier

Canine genetics research is advancing rapidly, with around 180 mutations underlying monogenic inherited disorders and traits discovered to date. However, most original studies are focused on one or a few breeds, with a limited number of screened reference dogs from additional breeds. Such approaches are efficient for initial discovery of a mutation, enabling development of a gene test for breeders. Knowledge on the true distribution of the mutation across breeds nevertheless often remains incomplete at the time of the initial discovery.

Sampling - How It Works!

Sampling is an essential part of a successful DNA analysis. In order to get reliable results, it is important to follow carefully the provided instructions. Contaminated or inadequately taken samples are not suitable, because DNA testing needs to work extremely accurately. The samples should contain enough DNA without impurities. In the following text you will find some principles, guidelines and instructions regarding sampling, as well as some pictures with Maisa the Labrador Retriever having her samples taken.

Poodle Breeds and Genetic Diversity – Using MyDogDNA Test Results Over Breed Boundaries

A Poodle is a happy and lively dog. It enjoys being the center of attention. In addition, it wants to please and is willing to learn. It also loves action and is suitable for diverse activities. Overall, the Poodles are well-proportioned, well-balanced and elegant dogs. At dog shows they stand out with their gorgeous coats and elegant appearances, and the best individuals are often seen at top places in the group and BIS rings.

WELSH TERRIERS and DNA testing - Towards sufficient genetic variation in a small population

The Welsh Terrier is a long-legged, rough-haired terrier, which was originally bred for hunting foxes, badgers and otters. This tireless Terrier has a strong temperament, without being aggressive. By nature, it is a happy, playful and fearless, which makes it an easily motivated pet and hobby dog.

A Breeder’s thoughts on MyDogDNA

I am a Coton de Tulear –breeder and also a member of our breed club’s breeding committee. Genetic tests became familiar to us breeders a few years ago. We started testing for an inherited eye disease, CMR (Canine Multifocal Retinopathy) that follows an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance. Samples were collected during our club’s annual Spring and Autumn Days. In addition, many breeders had their dogs analysed on their own. I got pretty soon involved in the process also as a sample taker because of my veterinarian background. Some of my own dogs were tested already then as well.