New in MyDogDNA test panel: Coat Furnishings (moustache and eyebrows)

Coat Furnishings (moustache and eyebrows) / Improper Coat in Portuguese Water Dogs, variant chr13:11659792

Coat Furnishings (moustache and eyebrows) / Improper Coat in Portuguese Water Dogs, variant chr13:11676852

This test is based on two genetic variants whose presence in the dog's genome is strongly associated with the furnishings phenotype.

Canine genetics research has revealed genetic variants that are statistically correlated with coat furnishings. We test single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) on chromosome 13 (CanFam2.0 chr13:11659792, CanFam2 chr13:11676852) that were associated with coat furnishings in genome-wide association studies (GWAS) examining dogs from various breeds with and without furnishings.The furnishings trait is a dominant feature.

The furnishings coat growth pattern typically refers to the presence of a moustache and eyebrows on a dog. This phenotype is commonly observed on wire-haired dogs. In Portuguese Water Dogs, lack of furnishings is considered an Improper Coat meaning short hair on head, face and lower legs. Genetically, presence of furnishings is controlled by a 167 base pair insertion mutation in the R-spondin 2 (RSPO2) gene.

Please note that this test result is based on indirect measurement of two single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Alleles of these two markers are strongly correlated with the actual causal insertion. However, one most note that furnishings in some breeds may not comply with this generally observed pattern. For this reason, this test information is primarily provided for descriptive purposes, and we advice caution in its use for breeding selections. The MyDogDNA research team is currently working on including more conformation-associated variants in the test panel to provide more comprehensive information on other traits as well.


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