Postal strike in Finland has ended!

Postal strike in Finland has ended!

The delivery of mail is continued immediately while some delays can still be expected due to accumulation of mail during the 15 days long postal strike.





The Posti’s (Finnish Post) strike will affect our sample collection kit deliveries and sample reception. Unfortunately, due to the strike, Posti will not deliver any new sample collection kit orders or process the sample shipments returning to us. The strike is expected to last until 22nd December.

If you have already placed an order, please see the following instructions.

For further questions, our customer service team is happy to help by email (info(at) or by phone (+358503678282, Mon-Fri from 12pm to 3pm UTC+2). We apologize for the inconvenience.


1. I have placed an order and paid for the shipment:

  • The sample collection kit can be picked up from our office in Helsinki (Mon-Fri between 8am and 4pm). We kindly ask you to inform our customer service team about your visit at least one business day in advance so we are prepared.

Address: Biomedicum 2U (info desk)
Tukholmankatu 8
00290 Helsinki

  • In urgent cases, you can get the sample collected (EDTA blood or buccal swab) at a veterinary clinic. Please contact our customer service for further instructions on this process.
  • For bigger (6+ tests) sample collection kit orders, please contact our customer service team directly to discuss your options.


2. I have received the sample collection kit/the samples have been collected. How can the samples be sent back for processing?

  • Samples can be returned to our office in Helsinki (Mon-Fri between 8am to 4pm). Please see the drop off address above. In this situation, you do not have to notify us of your sample delivery prior to dropping it off.
  • The samples can be sent to us in the Finnish postal service’s black and yellow striped box. These boxes can be purchased from your veterinary clinic. In Finland, these boxes must be delivered personally to your local post office. Delays with processing these shipments may occur due to the strike.
  • Samples can be sent to us by a courier service (for example, by Fedex or DHL). Please contact our customer service team for further instructions.


3. The taken samples have been shipped to us and I have not received a notification that the sample has been received:

  • If the schedule for the analysis is urgent, the new samples can be taken. In this case, please see the above instructions in steps 1 and 2.
  • Please check the spam folder in your email to make sure that the notification is not there. Additionally, our customer service team will be happy to help to confirm the sample arrival if needed.
  • Please note that Posti will continue proceeding with the sample shipments when the strike ends. Your samples will be delivered to us after the strike without further actions.


Thank you for your patience!