Brazilian Terrier

The Dog’s Genetic Size – The Strong and Weak Size Markers

Understanding canine genetic size may be an important tool in the future, for instance, in planning of individual care, such as weight control. Previously we introduced the new size markers added to the MyDogDNA test panel. In this blog article, we will give a deeper insight into the effects of these markers.

MyDogDNA research update: Novel carrier findings in Lagotto Romagnolo, Papillon, Brazilian Terrier and Danish-Swedish Farmdog breeds

Comprehensive panel testing of genetic mutations known to underlie canine inherited disorders offers an efficient and powerful opportunity to screen for presence of mutations across breeds. This enables discovery of previously unreported mutations in breeds that would not necessarily have been screened for the mutations otherwise. However, whether these mutations actually manifest similarly as described in the original breeds requires always further scientific investigation in the new breeds involving clinical characterization of genetically affected individuals.