How It Works

MyDogDNA - A Genome-wide Analysis

Learn How It Works

Order a test kit

Start by placing an order at shop page. We will send you a sampling kit that contains a sampling form and three buccal brushes with the dog’s MyDogDNA® identification number.

Take a sample and activate the test kit

An official sample must be taken by a veterinarian. Alternatively, you may collect the sample yourself. Activate your dog’s MyDogDNA® test kit online. Send the samples for analysis together with the filled sampling form.

Read the results

You will receive an email notification once your dog’s results are available in its MyDogDNA® profile. Sign in the database with your credentials.

Breed safely

Share results online with your friends. With MyDogDNA® Breeder –tool breeders can find genetically optimal breeding selections that meet their other criteria.