Legal Notices

Genoscoper Order Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applied to DNA and other test services for various domestic and pet animals performed by Genoscoper Oy (“Genoscoper Laboratories”) based on the order made by the client (“Client”) to Genoscoper Laboratories or to its’ reseller as well as to any other services offered or provided by Genoscoper Laboratories and related information. Client agrees to these terms and conditions.


Client must provide samples to Genoscoper Laboratories within three (3) months from the purchase of the test. After this period Client’s right to receive and Genoscoper Laboratories’ obligation to deliver the testing services and results thereof expires. However, Client is not entitled for refund in such case.

Upon submission of order, Client order and payment is final and non-cancellable by the Client. Genoscoper Laboratories may, at its’ reasonable discretion reject the order. If Client does not accept these terms and conditions, no order or agreement regarding Genoscoper Laboratories’ services becomes effective, or - if Client has purchased services or test package entitling Client to receive services from Genoscoper Laboratories’ reseller or other third party - the order or agreement is cancelled. In such case of cancellation of order or agreement Client is entitled for refund from the party from whom Client purchased the services or test package. Client’s order becomes agreement between the Client and Genoscoper Laboratories upon delivery of services or their results by Genoscoper Laboratories to the Client. Agreement consists of services purchased by the Client as listed and described by Genoscoper Laboratories at the order page (or order form) in return for the price of the services and these terms and conditions, as well as any information expressly included or referenced. Agreement excludes any other materials and discussions as well as presentations whether oral or written, sales or marketing or other.

Client is permitted to use only one code per purchased product or service entitling Client for discount if Client has one; No discount can be combined with any other discounts or benefits.

Testing Services

Genoscoper Laboratories performs and provides testing services and aims to the highest quality in the testing process to ensure correct test results. Test results are provided at Genoscoper Laboratories’ choice either by mail, email or through Genoscoper Laboratories’ on-line services to Client’s on-line account. Genoscoper Laboratories uses several established internal control samples, parallel analyses and duplicated samples in its test protocols. Genoscoper Laboratories provides Client results of testing services which reflect this professional process. Results provided by Genoscoper Laboratories are prepared solely for the use of the Client. Genoscoper Laboratories performs testing and analysis by using methods and processes that Genoscoper Laboratories deems appropriate. Genoscoper Laboratories reserves the right to use any third party of its choice to undertake the testing, analysis or laboratory services for the Testing Services.

Genoscoper Laboratories’ testing services are performed professionally and with due care. However, Client understands and agrees that (a) testing services are performed using information available at the time of the test and do not include any information found, discovered, changed or invented after the test, (b) test result is not 100% accurate nor error-free, and may include defects (c) Genoscoper Laboratories may use - at its’ discretion - reasonably qualified and suitable information available as a basis for testing services in case of absence of information qualified according to standard responsible conduct for research (d) Client is solely responsible for any inference, acts or conclusions made by the Client based on results provided and consequences thereof (e) Client does not expect the testing services or results to be useful for any particular or Client specific purpose and (f) test is not a medical examination nor diagnoses diseases or predicts behavior of individual animal nor substitute of such; Genoscoper Laboratories does not provide medical or legal opinions or advice.

Genoscoper Laboratories’ services and test results are produced based on samples and materials supplied by the Client and personalized for the Client and therefore order cannot be cancelled nor can payment be refunded without valid cause. Shortcomings and deficiencies in the test results and services - both partial and total – are presumed to be caused by the samples and materials supplied by the Client and are not the responsibility of Genoscoper Laboratories.

Genoscoper Laboratories reserves the right to make changes in the collection of the single-gene tests included in the MyDogDNA testing service as well as to remove results derived from them, if new information comes available that in any way questions the validity of the test results.

Additional Services and related disclaimer

Any services or information - other than testing services and corresponding Client’s test results - accessed by the Client or made available by Genoscoper Laboratories on-line are additional services, information and content provided by Genoscoper Laboratories at its discretion. Genoscoper Laboratories has the right to add, change, alter, delete or remove these items and their prices at any time at its’ sole discretion and even deny Client access to them. These services include for instance MyDogDNA database and MyDogDNA Breeder. Client access to MyDogDNA Breeder - A Dog Matchmaking Tool and Possibility to See Genetic Diversity and Lines within Breed (Genetic Diversity and Relationships) is valid for one year from the purchase date, after which the continued access is subject to further payments by the Client.

Client understands and accepts that the content of such services and information 1) may change anytime for instance due to changes, additions or removals of dog information in such database or due to changes in technical or other design of such services and 2) includes information about third parties and other Genoscoper Laboratories clients’ dogs, which Genoscoper Laboratories is not responsible nor liable for.

Upon purchase of Genoscoper Laboratories test services Clients has paid only for such test services, and not for any other services, information or content made available on-line by Genoscoper Laboratories and therefor Client has no demands or rights related to such other services, information or content. However, if Client has purchased and paid separately additional services which are sold and priced independently – such as upgrade to previously bought service – Genoscoper Laboratories disclaimer applicable to all services will be applied to such services.

In all such cases Genoscoper Laboratories has right to terminate and prevent Client access to any on-line services and data once one year has passed from the purchase date, unless longer fixed period has been expressly agreed upon. Client is solely responsible at its’ own risk for any contacts or contracts or consequences thereof it creates or makes based on services, information or content made available by Genoscoper Laboratories, including but not limited to dog breeding.



In the event of a valid claim, Client's sole remedy is to receive retest by Genoscoper Laboratories or refund of the fee paid if retesting is not reasonably possible. In no event shall Genoscoper Laboratories be liable for indirect, consequential or incidental damages of any kind.

Genoscoper Laboratories may provide information about time it takes to perform testing services and to provide results to the Client at its website or otherwise. These times are estimates only.

Client must make any claims of errors within one year of the report of the test results or purchase of the services, whichever is later. After this period all claims by Client will be treated as requests for new services.

Genoscoper Laboratories’ responsibilities and liabilities are defined in this Agreement. These warranties are exclusive and Client’s sole and exclusive remedies for any error, defect, deficiency or delay and consequences thereof in the services or results. There are no express or implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, and fitness for any particular purpose.

Client duties

Client agrees to and complies with Genoscoper Laboratories’ instructions related to ordering process, payment, sampling and sample delivery, as published at MyDogDNA website ( at the time of the order. Client is responsible for the usage of Genoscoper Laboratories’ on-line services when it takes place by using Client’s user name and password.

Genoscoper Laboratories does not take DNA samples except during separately agreed and communicated events; The production of and connecting test results to specific animal is based on DNA samples provided by the Client and Client is responsible and liable for such samples. By placing the order the Client certifies that the animal described in the confirmation of order is the same animal whose sample is submitted for analysis, and that all information is accurate.

The Client also guarantees that he/she understands and accepts that statistically small portion of samples may fail to give a result for some or all of the included single-gene tests even if all instructions related to taking and delivering samples are complied with. Additional samples may be required to renew the analysis, for example in case of a test failure of a single-gene test or if sample is lost or damaged during the transportation. The Client will upon request provide additional samples at his/her expense and Genoscoper Laboratories will cover only the expenses of additional testing and reshipment by post. In the event that Client refuses to provide additional samples at Client’s own expense, Genoscoper Laboratories has the right to cancel the agreement and Client’s sole right and remedy is to receive refund of moneys paid, deducted by expenses accrued to Genoscoper Laboratories.

By placing the order the Client understands that DNA testing involves multiple steps including sample collection, DNA isolation, DNA analyses and reporting. Unexpected errors or shortcomings in results are acceptable and may be due e.g. to human errors with the sample collector. Unexpected results may also be caused by pedigree errors commonly seen in pet animals.

The Client warrants that Client is legally entitled to perform any particular act in order to obtain the biological samples and supply them to Genoscoper Laboratories and that Client is responsible for the quality and content of samples provided by or on behalf of the Client to Genoscoper Laboratories.

Use of Materials and Rights thereto

Client is not entitled to modify or change the results of tests provided by Genoscoper Laboratories to Client. Results are meant and provided for Client’s own use only. Client’s right to access test results is subject to any limits established by Genoscoper Laboratories from time to time.

Genoscoper Laboratories will exercise due care to keep the individual results of any testing confidential, unless otherwise specified.

Genoscoper Laboratories may use samples and test results as anonymous items on their own or in conjunction with other samples for internal, research, statistical, commercial or any other purposes and share them with third parties for these purposes.

Further, Client accepts that Genoscoper Laboratories may use sample, test results and related dog, and other information for research and development purposes and provide the same for universities and other research institutions for research and development purposes. Any potential intellectual property, data and material created, developed, discovered or invented during Genoscoper Laboratories’ services are sole and exclusive property of Genoscoper Laboratories.

Client accepts that Genoscoper Laboratories may freely use and publish Client sample, sample information and test results, pet's photo and the information derived from these at Genoscoper Laboratories Breeder and other on-line services for all Genoscoper Laboratories Clients and others who have access to such services, as well as for Genoscoper Laboratories internal, marketing and sales purposes as well as to the development of new or advanced products and services. Genoscoper Laboratories may also share sample, test results and photos and other information anonymously with third parties for marketing, sales and commercial purposes and for the development of new products and services. Client sample is owned by Genoscoper Laboratories and may be disposed or stored (at Genoscoper Laboratories’ option) and will not be returned. Genoscoper Laboratories may share individual samples or samples as a whole with its affiliates and contractors.

Sharing the information

Client accepts that Genoscoper Laboratories may send to Client newsletters, updates and emails related to Genoscoper Laboratories’ services used by the Client, their continuation, changes, new usage opportunities and service features and functionalities or continuation offers, as well as scientific discoveries related to tested dogs and different breeds.

Acceptance of terms and conditions when purchasing the MyDogDNA services:

By placing the order, accessing or using MyDogDNA services provided by Genoscoper Laboratories, the Client acknowledges that she/he is familiar with the limited warranty and accepts the terms and conditions and restricted refund policy as described here as well as Genoscoper Laboratories’ right to use and share information related to or derived from sample (incl. personal information) according to these terms and Genoscoper Laboratories privacy policy and Client’s consent. This agreement is governed by the laws of Finland and is subjective to the exclusive jurisdiction of Helsinki district court. For further information please contact

When placing an order, Client approves these written Terms and Conditions for the delivery of Genoscoper Laboratories’ Testing services as well as its Privacy Policy).

For further information please contact