MyDogDNA® - Get to Know Your Dog Better

MyDogDNA® is an easy-to-use DNA testing service for dogs that helps you see what your dog is carrying in its DNA. Testing can be performed to all dogs of all breeds, as well as mixed-breed dogs, regardless the age or size of the dog.

MyDogDNA® is a genome-wide genetic analysis that gives information on several inherited characteristics. All received DNA test results are reported online to your user account in the secured MyDogDNA® database.


What can be screened for with one DNA analysis? All this is included in MyDogDNA®:

•    Testing for Inherited Diseases
•    Genome-wide Measured Diversity (%)
•    Testing for Conformational Traits
•    MyDogDNA® User Account
•    Dog Profile with Online Reports

When purchasing MyDogDNA®, you get also automatic free access to these dynamic MyDogDNA® features for a period of one year. The use of these features is renewable.

•    MyDogDNA® Breeder – Dog Matchmaking Tool, the world’s first matchmaking tool for DNA tested dogs to search for optimal breeding selections and to contact their owners.
•    View to Genetic Relationships within Breed or Breed Group – How does your dog sit in the graphs compared to other dogs? How similar or different dogs genetically are in different countries?


As an add-on, you can purchase a DNA identification profile for your dog (ISAG standard). It is the dog’s unique “DNA fingerprint” that can be used for identification or parentage verification. 

WATCH A VIDEO: Find out what is dog DNA testing and why dogs need to be tested

Dr. Jonas Donner, Genoscoper Laboratories, tells how DNA testing helps you know more about your breed's disease heritage and why measuring genetic diversity should be a must for every breeder.