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Genetic diversity in MyDogDNA tested Samoyeds

The MyDogDNA team has joined forces with Samoyed enthusiasts in preparation for the World Samoyed Meeting 2019 event (http://www.samojeed.ee/5th-world-samoyed-meeting/). A representative of the MyDogDNA team will give a lecture during the event. The more tested Samoyeds from all over the world, the more exciting the lecture!

Coat colour merle testing as a part of our services

Did you know that the MYDOGDNA™ test also features screening for merle? Please visit your dog’s result profile to see if you already have a merle result available.

Genetic testing of Belgian Shepherd Dogs – what have we learned so far?

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is an alert and energetic medium size dog breed that originated in Belgium where it was used to herd sheep. Nowadays the Belgian Shepherd is a versatile sport and working dog, as well as show dog and family pet. The four breeds/ breed varieties are Tervueren, Malinois, Groenendael (Belgian Sheepdog in US) and Laekenois. The breed varieties vary in coat texture, length and color.