MyDogDNA® is a simple and easy-to-use testing service that helps you understand your dog's health and increase its well-being.

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All dogs carry a number of genetic disorders. Purebred dogs may have health problems because of an increased level of inbreeding and various hereditary diseases. Mixed-breed dogs may suffer from a mixture of diseases enriched from the breeds in their background. MyDogDNA™ testing service helps you explore the inherited characteristics of your four-pawed family member easier than ever before. 

How it works easy steps

Order a test kit here

Take a sample and send it to us

Sign in to read the test results

Find healthy partners for breeding

Start by placing an order with our online form to get sign-in credentials for We will send you a buccal swab kit that also contains a DNA pass number for your dog.

Once you receive the test kit, we recommend you to visit a veterinarian (or other authorised or trained individual) to take a buccal swab sample of your dog. Place the sample in the kit and send it back to us for the analysis.

Sign in to either with your credentials or dog DNA pass number. Create a profile for your dog. The results will be reported in the dog profile when ready.

With MyDogDNA Breeder™ breeders can find breeding combinations that meet their criteria without risking the dog health – and they may contact you to find out whether your dog is available for breeding.